Healthcare Engagement System for Health and Care Leaders.


For those involved in Healthcare transformation your challenge is that services should be universal.

As the way we interact with services evolves, how do you ensure that people can access and make the most of them?

In the past years, we have witnessed unprecedented disruption. Climate crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and economic pressures on public services. The pace of change has increased enormously.

We've also experienced a rapid acceleration in digital change! We all got used to accessing services online and meeting virtually!

This speeding up of digital transformation and the adoption of new healthcare solutions is concerning for everyone. 

For the healthcare industry and all those who deliver different types of human services. How do we maintain improvements in cost, quality, innovation and outcomes?

Meanwhile, the old problems haven’t gone away. The public have moved ahead, integrating new technology into their day to day lives, while health systems lag behind.

Healthwave founders Dr Rehan Symonds and Oli Sleeman had been working in healthcare for over 30 years. But, as they increasingly worked to modernise and transform the healthcare system, they came to a fundamental conclusion that could radically optimise the impact of technology driven health solutions;

“We realised that technology should be the end point – not the starting point.”

Rehan and Oli founded Healthwave to ensure that everyone can access the best healthcare available to them by making it easier for Healthcare leaders and teams to involve people as services transform.

To put people – whether they’re young or old, whatever their nationality or protected status – at the heart of the service pathway design.

"We believe in a world where people are placed at the heart of product and service design - so everyone can easily access what they need, when they need it."

In this Healthcare Engagement System we provide you with a tried and tested approach to support your service transformation programmes. Putting people at the centre to take evidence based action and improve uptake of new services.

What you'll learn:


Learn how to ask the right questions at scale so you can build better products and services for the people they serve.


Learn how to talk to people in their networks, listen to their stories, gather rapid insights and facilitate ways to collect continuous feedback.


Learn how to systematically use insights to shape and activate your services so they are delivered in the way people want and need.

You'll get access to:

  • 60 minutes across 24 video guided modules
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A video course in people powered transformation for Health and Care Leaders. Learn how to drive engagement that delivers meaningful change that results in sustainable transformation - so everyone can easily access what they need, when they need it.

24 course modules
60 Minutes

Healthcare Engagement System for Health and Care Leaders.

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